Mr. Fastfinger and Mika Tyyskä : The Hills (1986) -single release

Mr. Fastfinger and Mika Tyyskä The Hills (1986) -single release Single from the upcoming “Mountain Tone -album is out. Check it out from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or any digital music platform.

Another great news is that Mr. Fastfinger / Mika Tyyskä YouTube channel just got 15 000 subscriptions. Mika just praticipated a YouTube event 42 Gear Street #42GSone and there will be plenty of interesting footage. Guitar moments with some amazing guitar players got shot for near future YT content. Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done it yet!


Mountain Tone -Mika Tyyskä Mr. Fastfinger album pre-order

Mountain Tone Mika Tyyska & Mr. Fastfinger -album cover

Album pre-order has started! Great tunes, vivid colors, big crunchy guitars, big bottom bass, thunder like beats and cinematic 80′s synths… you got it. This is Mountain Tone, the album we’ve worked hard for the last years. I believe this could be the best album we’ve created so far. See the video and read all about it on our campaign page.

Humble thank you in advance for all your support here and always. You make all this possible. Can’t wait to let you experience this adventure!


Pre-order here:

Mountain Tone Pre-order at Indiegogo>>>



Mr. Fastfinger trio show at Porvoon Pääkirjasto

Mr. Fastfinger trio show at Porvoon pääkirjasto
Saturnday / Lauantaina 24.8. klo 15:00

Porvoon Pääkirjasto
Papinkatu 20 06100 Porvoo


Mountain Tone – new pre-order in august

Pre-odrer of new Mr. Fastfinger / Mika Tyyskä album Mountain Tone will start early august. Mark your calendar, stay tuned I hope you’re interested in participating in the pre-order to help us out.
You could say this album is sort of mixture of Spirit Rising and Night Overdrive vibes. Plenty of 80′s synth tones but the whole production is on another level with live drums and bass. There’s depth and dimension in every possible way. Basically this is a collection of best tunes Mika has composed during the last 3 years. Some of the best tunes Mika has ever written on board. Like all previous Mr. Fastfinger recordings, this is an adventure for your ears and imagination.


Exploding Heart Instructional video with tabs and backing tracks included

Exploding Heart - guitar instructional video with Mika Tyyskä

Finally an instructional video with Mika. Relaxed learning and practicing session where Mika goes through the whole Exploding Heart – guitar piece round by round. Even if you don’t intend to learn the whole tune, this video can inspire and help your overall playing.
There are millions of little things here share that could help your daily playing.

Mika shows you how and why he play the parts the way he plays ’em, get inspired and entertained.

An Epic action drama. Hi-Fi Stereo / Digitally Mastered in Bold Stereo Sound.

This one is sold straight through my own Sellfy page. Sellfy, here you go >


“Exploding Heart”, New EP from Mr. Fastfinger

NEW MUSIC OUT! Digital release. listen at Spotify, should be found on iTunes and all services as well… This release is for the anniversary of the ten year old debut album. Celebrate with me! The power solo anthem: Exploding Heart started when i hear orchestral stems of the tune Big Trummors. The core of the tune is in the rhythm and harmony of B. Trummors but it’s complitely different. Rescue You is based on a tune that was supposed to be on Exploding Guitar album. After a ten year break from the tune i renew it’s harmony, wrote new melodies, recorded guitars and synths. Really cool timecapsule track! Crying in the Cave was mastered along the Exploding Guitar album, but I knew that the album was too long already and left it out. Here’s finally this fantasy tune out offically!

Mika Tyyskä – Guitars and just about everything
Sampo Tiittanen – Double upright bass on track 1.
Thomas Törnroos Drums on tracks 1. and 2.
Lasse Rantanen – Bass on tracks 2. and 3.

Produced by Mika Tyyskä.
Mastered by Henkka Niemistö / Chartmakers East.

To support Mika’s work and fill your stereo system (or walkman) with goo stuff:
Buy WAV / Mp3 package from Sellfy

Listen on Spotify


Mr. Fastfinger Trio + Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) Sellon Kirjasto 4.5. 2019

Mr. Fastfinger Trio and Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) live at Sellon kirjasto 4. Toukokuuta. 4th of May 2019.
Mika + Thomas + Lasse + Mr. Fastfinger.  Päivällä klo 16:30, Tervetuloa!

Happy to announch a show at Espoo Sellon Kirjasto, family friendly early show time. It will be the whole trio live together with the animated screens. Before us Douglas Blair from the legendary heavy metal band W.A.S.P. will be performing solo. This will be good times!

We’ll be performing new tunes from the upcoming album as well as some of our finest classics!

Facebook event >


Mr. Fastfinger at Moscow Muztorg 31st of March 2019

Most happy and excited to announch I’ll be performing at Muztorg, Moscow in the end of this month. D’Addario Day in Moscow – a full day event with D’Addario artists in the biggest music store in Russia called Muztorg. On top of everything I’m super glad to be associated with D’Addario strings. their NYXL strings have really made my guitar sound better and stay in tune!


New T-shirt design: Wax on – Wax off!

The Way of the Exploding Guitar is turning ten years old. Wax on – Wax off has been streamed on Spotify for over 50 000 rounds. Time to party with a new T-shirt Design. Most certainly the coolest Mr. Fastfinger T-shirt design ever. Put the T-shirt on and start practicing your guitar!
Find the T-shirts here:

or go stream the tune some more at spotify