Mika Tyyskä Masterclass and Workshop tour in Germany

Pleased to announch a Masterclass / Workshop tour in Germany in May. The masterclasses are for small groups. Come get some inspiration. I wish to give you some tools to work on your musical phrasing and expression. The Workshops later in the evenings are always free entrance. During the evening workshop Mika will be more focusing on playing his tunes (with cartoon screens).
Book your seat now. You’ll find the contanct below the poster. Add @ symbol to the email address!
Opportunities like this don’t happen too often. This will be fun, hope to see you soon!

Guten Tag, excited to announch: Masterclass / workshop tour in Germany in May! The masterclasses are for small groups. Get some inspiration. I wish to give you some tools to work on your musical phrasing and expression. Workshops later in the evenings are free entrance. During the workshops I’ll be more focused on playing (cartoon screens included)
Opportunities like this don’t happen too often!!!

Timetable for the tour:
12.05.2017: agora music school, Hospitalgasse 3, 55543 Bad Kreuznach
Contact: www.agoramusicschool.com, info agoramusicschool.com
Mobile: 0671 9200864
Masterclass 16.00-18.00
Workshop: 19.00-20.00

13.05.2017: agora music school, Hinter der Lehmkaul 1, 55758 Veitsrodt
Contact: www.agoramusicschool.com, info agoramusicschool.com
Mobile: 06781 9880951
Masterclass 16.00-18.00
Workshop: 19.00-20.00

14.05.2017: Musikschule Sebastian Naas, Gartenstraße 4-6, 42799 Leichlingen
Contact: www.musikschule-naas.de, mail musikschule-naas.de
Mobile: 02175 8957875
Masterclass 14.00-16.00
Workshop 17.00-18.00


Mika Tyyskä – Guitar World

Thanks to Troy Grady’s new wonderful video. We have a little thing on Guitar World magazine’s website. Cool little thing for us! Check out our second video on Troy’s channel with Mika playing Effortless and talking about the birth of Guitar Shred Show. video is found the Guitar World page.


Cracking the Code with Mika Tyyskä

Mika Tyyskä in Cracking The Code. Masters of Mechanics - seriesWhat an honour and joy it was to have Troy Grady from the amazing and sensational Cracking the Code, visit my studio. We shot a long interview with some playing. Material was created for Troy’s Masters of Mechanics -series. The full interview will be at Troy’s website: www.troygrady.com/mika
Here’s a first promo clip focusing on the way I use the gain, “Be Wind My Friend” serves as an intro and there’s some improvised playing along the way. Enjoy and be sure to dive into Troy’s Cracking the Code world if you haven’t done it yet. He’s a true genius!


Mika Tyyskä and Paul Gilbert jam

Mr. Big and Mr. Fastfinger jam aka Paul Gilbert and Mika Tyyskä Jamming. Last week I had a great priviledge to jam with a true hero of my youth, master of masters Paul Gilbert. What an experience this was. Here’s a video shot at Gloria, Helsinki.


Air Guitar Warrior -Xbox one game with new music from Mika Tyyskä

Air Guitar Warrior is here. A kinematic game for Xbox One was released yesterday.
Music by Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala. Read more about the game at  http://airguitarwarrior.com

Here’s soundtrack teaser, featuring songs from both Mika and Samppa.

Mika is currently working on a guitar workout / lesson based on one of the tunes that was composed for game.  Watch a teaser at instragram here

Heavy Metal Workout will be published in april at Mr. Fastfinger’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe!


Breaking news: Mika’s new “Cracking Frog” Aeon from Ruokangas Guitars

Mika's new guitar build by Ruokangas guitars.Mika recieved a new guitar from Ruokangas Guitars. This one is called “Cracking Frog”.
Guitar is much based on the original Aeon guitar which Mika has been playing the past few years now. While the performance is equally as excellent and quite similar to the original, there are some differences here. The tone is different: the woods and pickups have changed.

The fretboard is taken from the same piece of wood as the previous guitar. The vivid look was even more enhanced by the hand drawn inlays.

BTW: Ruokangas has a brand new website. It’s the most stunning and beautiful guitar site you have ever seen. Check it out here: http://ruokangas.com/

You can be sure that this guitar will be seen in company of Mika from now on!!!


Custom Sounds blog of Mika’s pedalboard

Kimmo Aroluoma from Custom Sounds wrote a beefy blog about Mika and his new pedalboard Custom Sounds built last spring. It’s in finnish but you will enjoy the pictures and videos atleast. Or try google translate if you’re very adventurous!
I read Kimmo’s Backstage blog often and I’m absolutely thrilled to be featured here.



Mr. Fastfinger & Samuli Federley 15.02 On the Rocks, Helsinki

Mr. Fastfinger trio on the Rocksissa 15 helmikuuta. Tervetuloa!!! ///
Mr.Fastfinger trio (Mika Tyyskä + Lasse Rantanen + Thomas Törnroos) will be performing at On the Rocks in Helsinki 15.02.
The band has been working hard, will be a special show with big screen also.
it’s a double show with incredible guitar maestro Samuli Federley.

20:00 Doors open
21:00 Mr. Fastfinger
22:00 Samuli Federley



Mini documentary of Mika Tyyskä

Ruokangas Guitars unleashed their new website. Check it out here: Ruokangas.com . As part of the stunning new website Matti Immonen and Markus Mutanen of Smak Film made short documentaries of seven guitarists: Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister), Juha Torvinen (Eppu Normaali), Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius), Antti Paranko, Markus Setzer , Aaron Kaplan and Mika Tyyskä. Very proud to be part of this project and amazing bunch of guitar players. Get inside of Mika’s Fastfinger world by watch this 5 minute long documentary. This documentary was shut in spring 2016 and includes a very special jam!

Director: Markus Mutanen
Director of Photography: Matti Immonen
Editor: Matti Näränen
Production of: Smak Film Ltd
In Collaboration with: Ruokangas Guitars