Workshop tour in Germany / MMS

Der finnische Ausnahmegitarrist Mika Tyyskä wurde bekannt durch seine Animationsfigur Mr. Fastfinger. Während der Cartoon-Gitarrist ausschließlich im Internet und auf Bildschirmen aktiv ist, kommt der “echte” Mr. Fastfinger nun für einige exklusive Workshops nach Deutschland. Als Gast der Modern Music School tourt der Saitenzauberer durch mehrere Städte. Der Eintritt ist frei.

Mika will be doing a workshop/clinuque tour in Germany this december.
This tour has been arranged together with Modern Music School.


this is the current schedule!

Mo., 5. Dezember, 19 Uhr, mit Live-Band im Rockland Café (Gensinger Straße 18), Bad Kreuznach
Di., 6. Dezember, 19 Uhr, MMS, Mayer-Alberti Str. 1, Koblenz
Mi., 7. Dezember, 19 Uhr, MMS, Bahnhofstraße 2c, Mainz
Do., 8. Dezember, 19 Uhr, MMS, Deutschherrenstr. 38-44, Trier
Fr., 9.Dezember, 19 Uhr, MMS, Rathausstr. 15 (Eingang Güterstraße), Bexbach

10. – 11.12 Idar Oberstein (closed weekend workshop for the Professional Guitar class of Modern Music School only)

Looking forward to all this! Also I though it would be cool do some private lessons during this week. If you’re interested, there should be a chance to arrange one to one sessions before or after the actual clinique/ workshop.
Get in touch and we’ll talk more: mika(aaaattt )

Look forward to this. Hope to see you there!


F-musiikki demo Vantaa 12.11.

F-musiikkilla kitarapäivä 12.11. Vantaalla.
Lisää infoa tuonnempana. Ohjelmassa ainakin Mr. Fastfingerin ja Herra Ravun demot + jamit.

Guitar day at F-music Vantaa 12.11.
Demos and good stuff from Mr. Fastfinger, Mr.Crab. More details later.


Dwarf Exploding Tour dates!

This is this! Sensei Fästis ja bändi. Live screenit ja animoitu bändi. Materiaalia tulevalta hittilevyltä sekä vanhat klassikot. Some drawfs will explode!

Mr. Fastfinger Band:
Sensei Fastfinger – Kitara
Mika Tyyskä – Kitara
Kalle Katz – Sormiot
Lasse Rantanen – Basso
Thomas Törnroos – Rummut

Mr. Fastfinger Band – Dward Exploding Tour 2011
12.10. Bar Soho (Porvoo)
19.10 Semifinal (Hki)

Clinique / Workshop tour in GERMANY is being arranged for December. Stay tuned!

(edit: Here’s a clip from the tour: Tapping Boogie live at Bar soho.)


Rockway guitar lessons

Mika is now teaching at Rockway, the finest finnish online music school. Very proud to be up there, this school is filled with high class material from the top teachers and musicians of Finland. Huh!
First lessons were just uploaded and there’s plenty of more to come. First lessons are focusing on one string playing approach, but in future lessons everything expands to full fretboard playing in a super clever way ;)

Mika opettaa nyt Rockwayssä. Jos Rockway on vielä vieras, kannatta ehdottomasti käydä tutustumassa täällä:


Mr. Fastfinger band at Semifinal 19.10.

Mr. Fastfinger with his full band for the very first time in Helsinki. Come, we will burn some guitar!
Also performing is the fantastic Lakewood Experiment.

Wednesday / Ke 19.10.2011
Mr. Fastfinger
(21:00) Lakewood Experiment


Mr. Fastfinger guests on Sauruxet-album

Sauruxet, finnish dinosaurs of heavy metal, have release an album called “Saurusplaneetta”. Mr. Fastfinger guest solos and does some special guitar effects on track “Voiton Huumaa”. The song does a special little tribute to a classic 80′s track where there’s some alien dialogue between a singer and wah-wah guitar. I respect this moment!
Music is perhaps targeted to the younger audiences, but huh-huh there’s some killer playing and material there to digest for us all!


Mr. Fastfinger Band at RuneBar festival

Sunnuntai / sunday 14.8.
RuneBar-festivaali esittää:
MR. FASTFINGER BAND @ Bar Soho, Porvoo , Finland (6 €)

Mr. Fastfinger – Imaginery Guitar
Mika Tyyskä – Guitar
Lasse Rantanen – Bass
Kalle Katz – Keyboards
Thomas Törnroos – Drums

Liveband + animated screen super spectacle.


Mr. Fastfinger 18.8. Liberte. Helsinki

18.8. Club Liberte, Helsinki.
Instrumental guitar night with Mr. Fastfinger (duo + jam), Lakewood Experiment and Open Grounds.
Be there, get instrumentalized!


Guitar Addiction -album released

Guitar Euro Media has released it’s grand project: Guitar Addiction. This album is a proof that it si possible include 60 fabulous musicians on one album. Mr. Fastfinger did his thing on two tracks on this CD. On “The End of The World” the lead guitar parts are shared among Dave Martone, Milan Polak and Mr. Fastfinger. On “Junkie Foot” sensei handles the outro reggae solo. This is the album to listen this summer holiday. Get the album and run to the beach!

GuitarEuroMedia (GuitarEuroShop’s Productions section) is very proud to present you the album “Guitar Addiction – A Tribute To Modern Guitar” ! This awesome project is the result of a long and hard work that has make it possible to unit more than 60 of the most talented musicians of our time !!

The list of guests is long

Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits, solo)
Alex Ehrsam
Alfonso Roca
Atma Anur (drums on 5 tracks)
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Brett Garsed
Charly Sahona (Venturia, solo)
Christophe Godin
Cyril Achard
Daniele Gottardo
Dave Martone
David Valdes
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Leo
Franck Karmattitude
Guthrie Govan
Jean Fontanille
Jeff Kollman (Cosmoquad, solo)
Joe Stump
Joop Walters
Karl KB
Kenny Serane
Lars Eric Mattson
Loran Saulus (Alive Inc)
Manu Livertout
Marcel Coenen
Marco Sfogli
Martin Motnik
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, solo)
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Manring
Mika “Mr. Fastfinger” Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Pat O’May
Patrick Amar (contest winner)
Paul-Alain Fontaine (keyboards)
Pierrejean Gaucher
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Balducci
Roland Gassin
Ron Thal “Bumblefoot” (Guns’n Roses, solo)
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)
Sebastien Lanceau (Alive Inc)
Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale..)
Theodore Ziras
Thomas Bressel
Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, solo)
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre (drums on 3 tracks)
Yann Armellino
Yannick Robert

GUITAR ADDITION at Guitar Euro Shop. For each sells 2 euros will go to the Red Cross Organisation.


GuitareXtreme – Interview and video

This goes to all our French friends: Check out the march/april issue of GuitareXtreme with Gary Moore on cover (R.I.P.). Magazine has an interview with Mika. In addition the DVD has a special guitar solo and some playing ideas shared by Mika himself. Merci beaucoup!


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