Guitar Addiction -competition

Franck Ribiere from  Guitar Euro Media is producing a very cool guitar CD titled “Guitar Addiction”. The CD will be featuring a huge amount of great musicians and guitarists.  Here’s some of the players involved:

Brett Garsed
Ron Thal “Bumblefoot”
Charly Sahona (Venturia)
Christophe Godin
Cyril Achard
Dave Martone
Jennifer Batten
Kiko Loureiro
Lars Eric Mattson
Manu Livertout
Marco Sfogli
Pierre-Jean Gaucher
Rob Balducci
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)

Mr. Fastfinger has also contiributed some his tasty licks to this soup. Now Franck has a competition going on, it’s your chance to appear on the CD. Showcase your guitar playing skills to the world by entering this online You Tube contest. Go to YouTube for more details!


Get in touch with Mr. Fastfinger on Facebook

Mr. Fastfinger now has a offical Facebook page. Please, beware of the other fast fingers out there. This is the way to your sensei >


New website design

The whole design of has been updated and most important we are now running on WordPress CMS system. Everything is not much readable and accessable. Most important my own news / blog / lesson updating will be so much easier from now on.Oh and there’s a brand new “Action Guitar Blog” it’s about the making of the new Mr. Fastfinger album.

Old “Guitar Blog” has been turned into “Lessons”. Everything is slighlty re-organized. And it doesn’t mean we are not updating it. We shall keep new lessons and transcriptions coming.


Guitar Shred – 5 Years!

Incredible! it was 5 YEARS ago today when Guitar Shred was published. Indeeed Mr. Fastfinger devastated the guitar scene in 2005. Mysterious sensei and his his adventurous guitar lessons made millions of people jam the boogie all over the planet. Worldwide respect from guitar players was recieved and the website won many important multimedia awards globally.
 But this was just the beginning. Too many things to list here. Check out the history of news.

To celebrate the 5 years of Guitar Shred Show I’m giving you this present. EXPLODING SOLO full tablature >

I wish to thank all the Fastfinger’s friends and fans, supporters and the companies I’ve been fortunate to work together with. THANK YOU! It’s been awesome and unbelievable five years. Let’s make the next five years even better!

Guitar Shred is still here online:

P.S. Mr. Fastfinger’s next album is in preproduction. Strong material! Keep focused…


Tours: Mr. Fastfinger workshop + Mika onstage with Mörglbl

Just got back from a cool weekend trip to France. Saturnday afternoon did a master class at Tous en Scene -music school with the students. Revealing the exploding guitar secrets of Mr. Fastfinger. The day was hot and it was even hotter in the class room!

In the evening had the honour to join Mörglbl on stage during their concert. We did two of their songs and two Mr. Fastfinger songs (Wax on & Tapping boogie). So much joy and energy!

Thanks to Gérard all find folks at Tous en Scene, Christohe Godin, Ivan, Aurélien and all the students. It was a perfect guitar weekend.

Mörglbl + Mika Fastfinger
Mörglbl + Mika Fastfinger
Mörglbl + Mika Fastfinger
Mörglbl + Mika Fastfinger

Photos © Rémi Angeli


Shredaholic interview with Roo, Magnus Olsson and Mr.Fastfinger

Check this out: Massive 3 way interview with Roo, Magnus Olsson and Mr.Fastfinger!


Download free guitar fanfare mp3

A special gift for you. Get it here:
Invincible Super Guitar Fanfare


Mr. Fastfinger animation in 4 episodes

Very happy to surprise you with a cool animation mini series “Mr.Fastfinger and the Crossroads Demon”. This series will be released on YouTube this week, 1 episode per day. First one out now. The animation was created to celebrate the finnish guitar competition: Kitarasankari. The guitar concert and the finals of the competition will be held in Raisio 21. – 22.5. 2010. This weekend!


Cartoon Guitar Week – in France july

Very proud, yet humble to announche the upcoming guest appearance at Cartoon Guitar Week 2010. This super mega guitar workshop is hosted by the great master Christophe Godin himself! And the other guest is the mighty Mattias Eklundh.
And you never know what happens when Mörglbl performs. Cartoon Guitar Week, 6-10 of july in Tours, France. Merci!


Humppa Chops from Hell

We’re shooting the first instructional video with our satanic friend. Titled “Demon – Humppa Chops from Hell”. Will be released on DVD all over later on. NOT!


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